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As we all know, distribution is an essential index in (the) marketing mix and much more distributors are key players in marketing. That is why at DGF we are committed to our distributors and excited to know them as well. As an article of business faith, we hold periodic Distributors’ Forum which features cocktail nights, business meetings, a facility tour, award ceremony and grand luncheons.

The latest edition was held on March 28 & 29 2019 with 35 people in attendance across all regions in Nigeria; Kano, Benin, Cross River, Abia etc. The GMD/CEO Pharm. Olakunle Ekundayo while giving his remarks said the story of Drugfield is typical of small beginnings that have grown into significance because many people made contributions to nurture the seed sowed several years ago when the company started.

He stated further that the distributors are key partners of Drugfield because without their contributions; which are ensuring the products are available all over the county to end users, the company could not have risen to the level it is in the nation’s pharmaceutical industry.

He assured the distributors that the company will continue to foster business relationship with them in ways that are mutually beneficial and rewarding in appreciation of their continued support and for ensuring that Nigerians have access to Drugfield’s top quality products through them.

Also speaking at the event, Pharm. Sola Akande, executive director, marketing, thanked the distributors for coming, noting that even though many of them had been relating with the company for years, they probably haven’t had the opportunity to visit for one reason or the other, but thankfully this platform has enabled it.

Highlights of the event were; interactive sessions, during which distributors were able to discuss with management, a facility tour of the factory and presentation of awards to outstanding distributors.