The main trust of Drugfield business goal has been to be the leader in Multi-dosage Pharmaceutical Products manufacture in Nigeria.
We have over the years grown in product dosage form ranges and facility expansion to the extent that we now manufacture well over One hundred pharmaceutical drug products in a sprawling facility divided into two plants named A and B; and are all approved by The National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and other regulators.
These plants house ultra modern  machines and equipment for the manufacture and testing of medicines in the following product lines:

  1. Creams, Gels, lotions and solutions
  2. Ointments
  3. Powders for topical application
  4. Oral Liquid Syrups, and Suspensions
  5. Dry Syrup Suspensions and Powders
  6. Tablets and Capsules    
  7. Injectables (Vials)  
  8. Eye, Ear and Nasal drops
  9. Large volume parenterals (Intravenous fluids)

Some of the facilities at Drugfield Pharmaceuticals Ltd